Chuck, Nancy, and the Art of the Oval Office verbal food fight (Video)

After a very long hiatus, I can’t imagine a better way to return to the blog than to write about the verbal food fight that happened yesterday in the Oval Office!

It was riveting.  Even if you wanted to look away, you couldn’t.  Everyone got to see first-hand how the political sausage is made… and then got to see the Democrat leaders act like children.  In essence, Chuck and Nancy kept flinging the political sausage on the Oval Office walls, to see if anything would stick.  Spoiler alert:  it didn’t stick.

Nothing that came out of Chuck and Nancy’s collective mouths made any sense.  In one breath, they claimed they wanted full transparency…. then in the next breath, they didn’t want transparency at all, and wanted the cameras to go away.  They kept claiming that they wanted to protect the border… but in the next breath, claimed that border security was silly nonsense that was merely political jargon.

The cliff notes version of the meeting, is that President Trump was having a very serious meeting about the very serious issue of border security.  It is a National Security threat, and NEEDS to be included in the budget agreement.  To prove how serious of a situation it is, President Trump has no problem shutting down the government until the funds for the wall are secured.  But the Democrats are more concerned with the optics of a shutdown, and having SOMETHING to paint President Trump as the bad guy, than the issue of border security itself.  They would rather engage in a verbal smear campaign, than tackle the National Security crisis at hand.

I am sure that you’ve all seen snippets of the Oval Office meeting by now…but here is the FULL video of the meeting between President Trump, Vice President Pence, cryin’ Chuck, and crazy Nancy:


Personally, I am VERY proud of the fact that we FINALLY have a Republican President that can go toe-to-toe with the Democrats, and refuses to give in to their childish antics!

In my opinion, President Trump was very respectful during the meeting.  He did not insult them, he did not belittle them, and when he had to interrupt them… he said “excuse me.”  On the contrary, the same level of respect can NOT be claimed by the Democrat leaders.  They called him a liar to his face (when no lies were being stated) and also tried to belittle his Electoral College win in several states (of which he won.)

President Trump’s main responsibility is to keep the United States of America, and its legal citizens, SAFE from invaders.  Period.  End of Story.  It’s one of the main reasons why President Trump was elected!  The vast majority of Americans WANT that big beautiful wall, and we are ticked off no end that it’s taken so long to get the funding!

If the Democrats want to keep flinging the political sausage on the wall, like a bunch of poo-flinging monkeys, so be it. In the meanwhile, let’s hope the cameras are ALWAYS on, so that we can see their childish behavior in full glorious transparency!